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my little sister just recently bought me this shirt, and i nearly cried when she did

i came out to my family about being genderfluid awhile back. at first, they were baffled. it took them a long time to even think about the fact that there are more than just two genders. obviously they weren’t very accepting to this foreign idea but they slowly came around. it took a long time but now they even introduce me with my preferred name and pronouns!

my little sister had the hardest time coming to terms with it. she has ocd and in her mind it wasn’t proper. she tried her best to understand. finally, she asked me why i wanted this, and why i was doing this— why i wasn’t comfortable with my birth gender. i explained to her that it just wasn’t who i was. im a little bit of a boy, a little not of a girl, but it doesn’t define me. im still her older sibling in the end.

then she came home with this shirt. she gave me a hug and told me it was alright to be a little bit of both, and she still loved me.

coming out is the scariest thing, but this made me smile, and in shorter words: dont give up hope. people whom truly love you do come around. just keep pushing forward. you’ll make it.

Seeing all these Animorphs posts lately, I’m a little sad that I gave my collection away. I had, like, thirty something of them, including a choose your own adventure and a Megamorphs. They smelled old and I associated them with my great aunt’s house, of which I had very fond memories. Good times.

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